AQUA Rocket Challenge-2022

Getting Bored? Here’s A Mind-Boggling Opportunity To Make Your New Year-2022 Little Exciting And Worthwhile.
DIC, IIT Bhubaneswar Is Introducing An AQUA Rocket Challenge For The Students Of  IIT Bhubaneswar Where You Can Experiment With Your Knowledge And Avail Some Special Surprises. So, Don’t Let The Lock Down Lock Your Brain.. Let’s Participate, Experiment And Win.
Remember, Attainment Of Knowledge Is Merely A Step Towards Brilliance, You’ll Be The Master Only When You Perform.
With A Delighted Heart, We Are Inviting All The Students Of IIT Bhubaneswar To Participate In This Contest Where You Can Examine Your Talent & Gain Knowledge At The Same Time. And Of Course, Some Prizes Are On The Way For Winners.


Register Here for AQUA Rocket Challenge 2022