Design Innovation Centre of IIT Bhubaneswar provides an excellent opportunity for the students and faculty to convert their creative thinking in to a reality. It helps in connecting the gap between the theoretical designs and experimental validations. It helped two of my students to work on their dreams/designs and helped them to make their dreams into a reality

Dr. Pandu R Vundavilli
Assistant Professor, SMS, IITBBS

DIC is an amazing platform for a students to learn, explore, pilot, fail, learn from failure and succeed. It teaches you how to see everything from a creative perspective.We get opportunities here which are impossible otherwise, for example exhibiting our project in Rashtrapati Bhavan.For me personally, DIC was a booster for our Start-up Vasitars Pvt. Ltd. It helped us in our initial & struggling days. DIC will always be seen as a mentor platform for us.

Tushar Gautam

DIC is a place where I convert my ideas into reality without worrying about the expenditures for the undertaken project under the guidance of renowned faculties like Dr. Satyanarayan Panigrahi, Dr.Mihir Kumar Pandit & Dr. A. K Pradhan.

Anand Prakash

Design and Innovation Centre at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar offers an excellent environment for academics, research and applications in the field of technical advancement. It has technical programs in the areas of PID control, Industrial Design, Programming and Animation. It helps students to enhance their set skills and innovate something new out of it. It provides several facilities that help to shape the students into responsible contributors to the technical advancement of the nation. It provides mentor from different background and funds to help students to complete their project. I have been a part of DIC since 2017 and it helps me to complete two projects.

Gourav Barnwal

DIC is a platform which not only helps you apply the knowledge you’ve gained in real world problems, but also helps you bring your ideas into fruition. It has helped me grow as a person in different avenues of life. It has acted as a propellant to stimulate the embers of innovation and entrepreneurship within me. Kudos to DIC!

Chanakya Ajit Ekbote

Design Innovation Center is and has been proven to be so much beneficial and supportive to the young innovative minds like us. It is the platform where our dreams doesn’t remain dreams anymore because here we make it come true and it is also the platform where we fail, learn and grow.I have been in DIC since first year , I joined DIC just after few months I came into IIT. Since, then I with my friends have worked upon numerous projects under DIC and learned a lot. It is one of the best memories i have of this Campus which i would cherish my entire life.

H Ganesh Niranjan Rao

My experience at DIC cannot be expressed in few words. It’s one of the best activity that I have come across here. The best way of learning is by doing things on your own even if you start from the scrap and that’s where DIC helped me a lot.

Sagar Singh Rathore

I feel DIC is a home for innovation, with excellent work culture, supporting members and peers, I was able to develop solutions of some challenging real-life problems. It offers a unique and enjoyable learning experience.”

Rahul Kumar

DIC is a really good platform to learn new things and implement your ideas. It provides the required resources and support. I used to enjoy working in the DIC lab. DIC organizes interesting events and activities for students.

Rahul Kumar Kumawat

DIC has proven itself as the centre for Innovative Research and development for the students, faculty members and leaders in IIT Bhubaneswar. It has helped me, my team and many other aspiring students to pursue projects on several research domains by providing mentorship, funding, equipment and support in all possible ways. DIC will keep helping the research community and keep achieving more success in future.

Rahul Mahanot

Doors of dic lead me to creativity and unlimited opportunities. It was like second home for me. I am glad to see it serving our nation and guiding future generation.

Gulshan kumar