DAY-3 of Let’s BUILD

Our desire to teach and make the students efficient on creative product development for which we have started the Let’s BUILD workshop is flying high with the perfect combination of experience and aspiration. It has now arrived on its day-3. The intensified experience of the trainer’s team consisting of Mr. Sumanta Kumar Lenka, Mr. Manish Kumar Singh and Mr. Amarendra Mohanta is able to make a drastic impact on the students of Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1 and has urged their ambitiousness to another level. On the day-3, they are learning to give their design a physical shape throgh 3D version. They have been provided with required mechanical and electrical components by DIC through which they can develop the 3D version of their dream car. As promised before, Let’s BUILD has surprised the teachers by the patience and passion of their students in a such a phenomenal way.