DAY-2 of Let’s BUILD

The day-2 of Let’s build has wrapped successfully on 25th July, 2019. The day started as per the agenda to draw the same handmade design which they have prepared in day-1 in computer. They are found very passionate and elated to draw and colour the computerized version of their handmade dream cars. As it is said if there is a will there is way, the little trainees’ will power to build their dream cars is so strong that they are trying their foremost level to attain knowledge from the trainers to make their dream come true in near future. The team DIC Mr. Sumanta Kumar Lenka, Mr. Manish Kumar Singh and Mr. Mashruna Chandra Mahanta are so focused on their responsibilty that they have made up their mind to make it happen for the students and by the students with their extraordinarily energizing guidance and breeding. The curiousness of the students showing that the workshop is going to be a succesfull one with a smile of satisfaction in every one’s face.