About DIC


Design Innovation centre (DIC) at Indian Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar is a good opportunity for the introduction of design learning and innovation in eastern India. Such a centre would be a key step towards full fledged academic programme in design and creative Arts at the institute. It focuses on the domain of children’s product such as toys, teaching aids, furniture, books, movies etc for the simple reason that these products lay the foundation of innovative thinking and problem solving attitude in our children. Nations with happy children are known to be happy nations. DIC at Bhubaneswar would endeavour in achieving this goal in the next ten years of time.



“The vision is to infuse the culture of innovative thinking in our budding engineers through inter disciplinary projects which lead to development of educational and community driven products primarily for children.“
“We infuse a culture of innovative thinking in the budding engineers to undertake projects which lead to development of educational and community driven products primarily for children.”



  • Product Development and Design Teaching.
  • To become financially self-sustained within five years of inception through aggressive entrepreneurial  activities.
  • To act as a bridging element between industry and academia.
  • Explore and proliferate the rich heritage and culture.

Design Innovation Centre (DIC) has been creating an usher among youth of IIT Bhubaneswar since its days of establishment in February 2015. It has witnessed many successful workshops and events that enlarged the area of knowledge of the participants for sure. The positive stimulus reflected in the face of the students at the end of every event is the proof that the events are gone in the right track.

DIC has provided the students a panoramic platform to experiment and expand their knowledge by organizing various workshops and events. By means of these activities, they are trained on the particular mechanism so that they can pioneer these techniques in their own innovations. Teaching and training is delivered by highly experienced, both intra and inter country professors and delegates. Galvanized by the precept of the trainers, students adopted new and exciting methods in their projects which showed they are not only participated but involved themselves in the activities as well. Above around 330 participants were implicated themselves in DIC’s learning programs.